PART INC. (Plastics Advanced Research Technology, Inc.) has more than 30 years of experience in concept, design and development of plastic products for industry. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we satisfy your needs from the initial idea to finished product.

Our goal at PART INC. is to be one of the best, not necessarily one of the largest, plastic molding companies. We are dedicated to providing quality products on a timely basis, and our track record reflects our commitment to that philosophy.

PART INC. is an ISO 9002 registered corporation (through BVQi, a world-wide certification organization), illustrating our commitment to quality. Additionally, PART INC. is accredited by ANSI*RAB for our quality management systems.

Working with engineering groups early on in projects enables us to address quality issues and establish parameters to please both parties. All employees are well-trained, and everyone at PART INC. is responsible for quality-related issues. When it comes to quality, PART INC. spends a great deal of time promoting a proactive versus reactive mindset.

"Our policy is to meet or exceed the quality requirements of our customer through written procedures, proper training, tools to accomplish the task and documentation of audit results." - Dennis Denton, CEO

Dennis Denton
Brad Denton
VP/Production Manager
Kacy Denton
VP/Plant Manager