For more than 30 years, PART INC. has provided concept, design and development of plastic products to military, automotive, mining, trucking and industrial companies and organizations. We provide creative design for new and existing products, while often finding solutions to problems not readily achievable with other materials.

Today's plastics exhibit high strength, low cost, non-corrosive, lightweight and colorable properties. For the most part, modern plastics also are environmentally friendly. Plastics provide a competitive edge in systems technology and integration of multiple components. The result is a better product, delivered faster and at a lower cost.

At PART INC., using the latest in design SolidWorks systems allows us to take a concept and make it a reality from prototype through production. To complement this process, animation software and modeling capabilities help us to demonstrate the designed product.


" 'Imagineering' is a theme word at PART INC. It's about taking a product and developing ways to make it better. Instead of just looking at the frame of eyeglasses, we also look at the lens. Instead of just engineering one plastic piece, we examine how the whole system works. We try to out-think the competition." - Dennis Denton, CEO